about us



Our association was founded with the intent to embrace under our brand leading companies who export to the world the "Made in Naples"  from the Neapolitan pizza up to the sweet passing through all those companies with a daily commitment to bring up our city.

We select the best companies and join them by giving them the opportunity to usufluire of our prestigious brand and provide them all the media to be more and more players in the world market and at the same time we aim to be a guide for all of the "Made in lovers Napoli "then we will find only those companies that demonstrate the best to their customers and thanks to the selection of our inspectors will have in our prestigious brand a beacon that will guide you with clear and warm light to select those companies that can make you experience the 'thrill of typical Neapolitan produce


If looking for a company that produces Neapolitan products can visit the affiliate section where you'll find the companies to which we have added our brand, companies in which we have placed our trust and in any part of the world you'll find you can use our site as a guide to always look for the best of the best "Made in Naples"


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