Our mission is to promote everything that represents our city: from the traditional products exported worldwide to products representing Naples but made elsewhere. Our brands are renowned for excellence in their sectors. Only the best pizzerias in the world can emulate the experience of eating pizza in Naples, only the best pastry shops can replicate that authentic taste that the residents of Naples enjoy every day. We constantly strive to source the finest products from every representative sector and offer them to our customers. Whether you live in the city itself or half the world away, you will always feel like you are in the heart of Naples.

pizza margherita


The companies that we select will be specially recommended, with a web page dedicated to their business and our logo on display at their sales outlets. Our heart and soul is in Vesuvius and the stupendous pizzas of our city, and with us, you will feel the warmth of the Neapolitan gulf: as comforting as a warm mother's embrace.

In brief, our mission is to act as an unwavering guide for companies selling the best of Naples to the world and for those lovers of traditional Neapolitan products worldwide who are always on the lookout for companies that are committed to showcasing the best of Made in Napoli.


cornetto babà sfogliatella caffè